President Hollande attended Patrice Chéreau’s funeral


The French political establishment paid tribute to a great director at the church of Saint-Sulpice. Details here.

Waltraud Meier sang Wagner’s Im Treibhaus and Träume (Rêves) in memory of one of the great Ring directors, followed by a reading of a Shakespeare sonnet.

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        • Let’s not get carried away about Hollande. He is well known for not having much interest in the arts (can’t blame him, though; you can’t force someone to be interested in something they do not care for). So my guess is that he went to the funeral out of duty rather than real interest, let alone admiration, for Chereau’s work. After all, Chereau was the greatest French director alive (or so his advisors were telling him), so not going there would have been a really bad sign sent to the arts world.

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