New video: Detroit SO puts the Tigers in its tank

New video: Detroit SO puts the Tigers in its tank


norman lebrecht

October 07, 2013

After the orchestra’s crippling strike, music director Leonard Slatkin decided that Detroit needed a fight song in its repertoire.

“Go Get ‘Em Tigers” was the theme song of Detroit’s 1968 championship team. In 2006, after the Tigers beat the Yankees in the American League Division Series, it was played as players carried manager Jim Leyland off the field.

The orchestra’s principal librarian Robert Stiles arranged the piece. Yesterday, the Tigers got their full orch and choral premiere. Watch.

detroit choir


  • Leonard Slatkin says:

    We began doing this as an encore three years ago, when the Tigers made it into the baseball playoffs. It is that time of year again and their quest to get to the World Series commenced last Friday, which coincided with our opening night. Solti and Muti, among others, have done similar turns with their orchestras. We all take partial credit for the success of our teams.

  • Martin Bookspan says:

    Well Leonard, you’ve answered a question I’ve been asking myself ever since you’ve been in Detroit: Has Leonard forsaken the Cardinals and is now a Tigers fan? (The fact that they’re in different Leagues would have made the decision less painful.)

    I join you in wishing the Tigers well—-up to a point! The Division, Pennant and World Series victories will belong to my BOSTON RED SOX!!

    Hope all is well with you,

    My best,

    Martin Bookspan

  • Julia says:

    Baseball trash talking on Slipped Disc. Satan must be making a snow fort right about now!

    PS: Go Red Sox!