New video: Boston Symphony (with Seiji) goes head-to-head with St Louis in World Series

New video: Boston Symphony (with Seiji) goes head-to-head with St Louis in World Series


norman lebrecht

October 24, 2013

In a video posted to the BSO’s YouTube account hours before the Red Sox host the Cardinals in Game 1, the brass section of each orchestra taunt each other about past rivalries.


  • Joe J says:

    Though she tries to talk tough, it should be noted that SLSO’s principal trumpet is a Boston-area native and a graduate of Boston University. Such a shame to see her go to the dark side, but I guess that’s who signs her paychecks. This video is hilarious and it is good to see Seiji looking well. He probably could have done better than some of the Cards infielders last night.

  • Fun, inter-orchestral ribbing! I really liked the arrangement at the end, including a little quotation of “Meet Me in St. Louis”.

  • sixtus says:

    The BSO players should have recorded their bits INSIDE Symphony Hall, not across the street from it. Boston has St. Louis and most other North American cities with prominent baseball teams and orchestras (including Toronto, San Francisco, Cleveland, Chicago, NYC and many others) beat hands down when it comes to concert hall acoustics. Artificial reverb then wouldn’t have been needed on the BSO segments. It was nice to see Seiji up and in action again, despite me still being irritated at his overly long and ultimately dull and unproductive music directorship of the BSO.

  • St. Louis had wanted to get their music director to participate, but none of them could remember who it is.

    Go Sox.

  • Gaffney Feskoe says:

    After all of his health setbacks, it was good indeed to see Seiji looking and acting as fit as he does.

  • John Kelly says:

    The SLSO actually needed their EX-Music Director, Mr Slatkin, who I believe is a serious Cardinals fan……………………… fact, I have seen him on this blog before and I’m surprised he hasn’t chipped in yet!! By the way, his book “Conducting Business” is a must read and I recommend it. Likewise his new Rachmaninov Symphonies with the Detroit Orchestra, really wonderful and with just the right Rachmaninov sound. Gorgeous.

    I don’t care who wins the series. #1 I’m English. #2 I’m now a New Yorker. As a poker playing Yankee fan buddy said to me the other day “who cares?” That’s a real New Yorker.

    • Marilyn Lewis says:

      Wonderful,enjoyed it all,especially”meet me in St.Louis riff” and seeing Seiji so vibrant.THANK YOU….I am a SL fan.