More music cuts: Sweden sacks its Navy band

The ensemble has been playing since around 1680. All 30 musicians will lose their jobs.

swedish navy2


Music Corps director Tomas Hjort Hammer says the only military music that remains is a few musicians playing on and around the castle in Stockholm .

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  • Sad, and one would think, ill conceived. Certainly The Band of the Royal Swedish Navy is not the reason Sweden has high taxes.

    A military parades are great music events and comparing, say, Trouping the Color on Horseguards Parade, the Bastille Day Parade on the Champs Elysee and the Victory Parade on Red Square really makes the character of each nation plain to see. And each nation in Europe has a tradition of music for these events that is unique in. The smaller nations need to do more to maintain their traditions….seems a mistake.

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