Leila’s Salonen violin sells for £156,000

Leila’s Salonen violin sells for £156,000


norman lebrecht

October 29, 2013

The violin with which Leila Josefowicz premiered Esa-Pekka Salonen’s concerto sold today in London for close to $300,000. Full details below:

Sale Results:Musical Instruments

Auction by Ingles & Hayday at Sotheby’s:

29 October 2013

GRAND TOTAL: £2,080,000




No.87 £336,000 £300,000-500,000 US Private Collector

David Tecchler, (b Salzburg, 1666; d Rome, 1747), A Cello, Rome, 1705.

No.63 £276,000 £100,000-150,000 US Private Collector

Lorenzo Storioni, (Cremona, b 1744; d 1816), A Viola, Cremona, 1787.

No.138 £264,000 £180,000-250,000 Anonymous

Circle Of Carlo Bergonzi, (Cremona, b 1683; d 1747), A Violin, Cremona, Circa 1730.

No.139 £192,000 £150,000-200,000 US musician

Francesco Rugeri, (Cremona, b 1620; d c1695), A Violin,Cremona, Circa 1690.

No.32 £156,000 £100,000-150,000 Private Collector

Probably By Michele Angelo Bergonzi, (Cremona, b 1721; d 1758), A Violin, Cremona, Circa 1750.

Formerly the concert instrument of Leila Josefowicz.

No.126 £84,000 £60,000-80,000 International Trade

Andrea Guarneri, (Cremona, b c1626; d 1698), A Violin, Cremona, Circa 1675.

No.24 £60,000 £50,000-80,000 Private Collector

Giuseppe & Antonio Gagliano, (fl Naples, c1780-1800), A Violin, Naples, Circa 1790.

No.54 £42,000 £15,000-20,000 Asian Private Collector

Eugène Sartory, (b Mirecourt, 1871; d Paris, 1946), A Gold And Tortoiseshell-mounted Exhibition Violin

Bow After F.x. Tourte, Paris, 1900.

No.86 £36,000 £25,000-35,000 UK musician

Vincenzo Panormo, (b Monreale, nr. Palermo, 1734; d London, 1813), A Cello, London, Circa 1800.

No.20 £33,600 £12,000-18,000 Private Collector

Vincenzo Postiglione, (Naples, b 1831; d 1916), A Violin, Naples, 1910.

Following the sale, Auctioneer and Expert-in-charge, Tim Ingles, commented: “This was a very exciting sale

with furious competition for most of the top lots. We are particularly pleased with the results for the Viola

by Lorenzo Storioni (£276,000) and the Exhibition Violin Bow by Sartory (£42,000), both of which were

rare pieces in stunning condition. The strength and breadth of the market is very impressive, with bidding

from five continents and lots of new buyers. Bidders included collectors, foundations, musicians,

orchestras and dealers. We look forward to our next sale, which will be held on 13th May 2014.”

leila joseforwicz, bergonzi


  • ed says:

    I guess they’re all getting out of dollars (following the euros which has been tanking for a while).

    A good war or not so good war will do it. Four years ago, the market for instruments was weaker and impoverished musicians had to sell the cab for pennies on the dollar. Now the sales prices have improved while the impoverishment part has gotten worse.

    As for the product, am waiting for 3-D printing to produce composite bows that really work, and at an affordable price- and, like Bayer’s cello maybe even glow in the dark. Imagine those blinding streaks of light in a Verklaerte Nacht show.

  • Gary says:

    Is this the same violin that malfunctioned in Los Angeles?