Horror: Mikhail Pletnev’s teacher is found murdered outside Moscow

Tatiana Stoklitskaya, a professor at Moscow’s Central School of Music, had not been seen since September 25.

Last night, her mutilated body was found by friends in her suburban dacha.

The police are questioning a suspect, apparently a builder who had worked on the cottage.

Tatiana Stoklitskaya taught many international virtuosi at an early stage of their development. Aside from the young Pletnev, her pupils included Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Maxim Vengerov and Vladimir Feltsman. She wrote several books on primary education for musicians and founded the museum at the Central School of Music. She was its curator to the day of her death.

On September 26, Tatiana Stoklitskaya would have celebrated her 75th birthday.


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    • Horrible.. And one of my Oberlin Conservatory classmates, Danielle Martin, pianist,

      who went on to teach in a distinguished university music department was axed to death by a housekeeper I think. And at the time Danielle was suffering with MS.

  • Just for clarification, Ms. Stoklitskaya was a solfege/ear-training teacher at the CMS. She was an institution unto herself; everyone who attended the school took her class for many years. Rest in peace.

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