Exclusive pic: Alberto Vilar goes to the Met, as Gergiev’s guest

There was some tabloid fuss last week about a judge refusing Alberto Vilar permission to atten an opera because it finished after 11 pm and that might violate the terms of his parole.

Well, Alberto did go to the ball… Onegin, to be precise.

He was given two complimentary front row (A) tickets ($255 each) by the conductor, Valery Gergiev.


alberto vilar met


Every other artist that Vilar once supported with his millions dropped him like a viper once he was convicted of the alleged fraud that he is now appealing.

Alone among his musical friends, Gergiev funded his defence and has kept the friendship going. Credit to his  loyalty. It’s rare in the musical world.

UPDATE: Oh, and here’s the response from Vilar’s lawyer to the tabloid skunk who kicked up a fuss about his request to go to the opera. It’s a classic:

Mr. Belkin:  I find your story about Alberto Vilar’s request to go to the opera troubling.  Like others you have jumped on the band-wagon to use pejorative terms (“scam”) that should not have been, and should not, be applied.  The developed evidence shows that there were no losses to clients,  except by reason of the government holding funds “frozen” since 2005.   Get your facts.  There were no “ill-gotten” gains.  If you are going to sully what’s left of a reputation (for what?), do it on an educated basis.


Please do not ask my comment for any other story.  My comment for YOU will be:  No thanks.  No comment for a “news” reporter just looking to kick the guy who is already down under a “system” that has closed its eyes to facts.


Please give me your editor’s name and email.




Vivian Shevitz

Attorney at Law *

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  • Isn’t it written in all conductors’ / top performers’ contracts that they get freebies for family and friends?

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