Exclusive: Facebook to livestream Requiem on Verdi’s 200th

Exclusive: Facebook to livestream Requiem on Verdi’s 200th


norman lebrecht

October 07, 2013

This is a first, or so we’re told.

The first time anyone has livestreamed a concert on a Facebook page.

The pioneers are Chicago Symphony Orchestra who will stream the Verdi Requiem on Thursday at 7.30pm local, Riccardo Muti conducting.

It’s the great composer’s 200th birthday.




Among international orgs who have signed onto the stream are:

Scherzo – Spain
Sinfini – UK
Ravenna Festival
Rome Opera
Rai 5
Die Welt – Germany
Kurier, Austria
Qobuz – France
Le Figaro, France
Birgit Nilsson Foundation, Sweden
Naples Conservatory
Sign on at your nearest point. The soloists are:
Tatiana Serjan, soprano

Daniela Barcellona, mezzo-soprano

Mario Zeffiri, tenor

Ildar Abdrazakov, bass



  • Michael Sargent says:

    Happy Birthday Verdi

  • Michael Schaffer says:

    How appropriate to celebrate the birthday of a composer with a mass for the dead.

    • Una says:

      Well, we are stuck with it being his shortest and possibly his finest and most spiritual work! There was Don Carlos on the radio tonight but that was 4.5 hours, if you had the time, which I sadly didn’t have !!

    • sdReader says:

      Well, he didn’t leave much choice!

  • …even if Faecebook wants to hijack it.

  • Don’t want to sound churlish, but it’s not actually the first time re.concert live-streaming on Facebook – David Aaron Carpenter (whom I manage, full disclosure!) and his Salome Chamber Orchestra did it from Lincoln Center in May 2012 – their concert for the FEED Foundation, which included alongside Salome and David, Christoph Eschenbach and Alan Gilbert (and from the world of pop John Legend, Natasha Bedingfield and also with a guest speech from Bill Clinton). It was livestreamed on the Facebook page of sponsors Clarins (still there probably) but you can see a rather fun excerpt here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vUCmpGVRas

    • Unja says:

      Good for you to correct the situation if you know it’s all been done before on FaceBook! Will look at your excerpt – thanks.

    • DC Girl says:

      You don’t sound “churlish” but you do sound like you are trying to plug an artist that you manage by referring to an event that took place nearly one year and a half ago. I only saw the artist you refer to once, last May, at a concert with the NSO in Washington and together with two friends left the hall laughing at the ridiculous “show” that this guy Carpenter put on. His more than obvious fake gesticulating and trying to act the part of some sort of ‘classical rock star’ with studied movements, grimaces and pained expressions appeared like something out of a silent film, as it all looked so artificial, acted and totally disconnected from the music. Sadly for all of us, it put the brakes on any possibility to listen and concentrate on the music. I was reassured when I read the review of the concert in the Washington Post, whose critic said more or less the same thing, expressing her disappointment at his childish superficial antics onstage.

      • But I made it quite clear that I work with David, which is why I know about that Livestream. That ‘s the only reason I mentioned it – if you scour these pages you won’t find me a regular ‘plugger’ of artists with whom I work or even who I admire, even if you don’t. I also actually emailed Norman first to get his opinion on whether I should mention it as I’m very sensitive to these things, and he asked me to go ahead. Anyway, sorry you didn’t enjoy his Schnittke but all the other reviews were very positive, including the New York Times.

  • Mikko says:

    The Finnish public broadcaster has a performance of Requiem from September 14 on their web site. It’s the FRSO with Hannu Lintu, the Helsinki Music Center Choir and soloists Isokoski, Paasikivi, Semishkur and Salminen. See


  • Will this stream be accessible to those who are not Facebook account-holders?

  • Is there anyone else who thinks that streaming a concert on Facebook, especially one with a humongous chorus, belongs in the dumbest idea category? Don’t tell me that this is an opportunity for people to hear the Chicago Symphony or Muti or the soloists, who otherwise couldn’t, as nobody is going to give their full attention to Verdi. While this may be some sort of publicity for the CSO is just kills classical music on the rest of the planet, as every person staying home and listening to the CSO – while mindlessly checking the rest of their Facebook posts – could instead go to a REAL CONCERT?

  • delmarw says:

    For the LIVE VIDEO stream go to.

    http://cso.org/verdi or if you have a problem with that link go to http://riccardomutimusic.com/eng/

    The stream will be archived at http://www.cso.org/verdi or at the CSO facebook page.

    The correct times for the LIVE VIDEO stream are

    Thursday October 10th at 7:30pm Central Time, 8:30pm Eastern Time, 5:30pm Pacific in the USA.

    If you live in Europe/Asia here are the correct times….

    Friday October 11 at 1:30am London, 2h30 Central European Time, 3:30am Finland, 4:30am Moscow, 8:30am Beijing, 9:30am Tokyo, 11:30am Sydney!

  • Daniel Roberts says:

    It’s a lovely idea to introduce people to Verdi!