Dreadful news of a double classical tragedy

In August we reported the death in Hampstead Pond of Sussie Ahlburg, a photographer who specialised in classical music portraits.

We have now been informed by several mutual acquaintances of the death of her partner, Matt Fretton, former agent of Alina Ibragimova, who was one of Sussie’s favourite subjects (below). We send sympathies to their loved ones.

UPDATE: You can read more about Matt here.



UPDATE: Here is Matt’s last blog entry, dated October 23:

I seem to have ground to a halt. I tried working on a long song idea and spent two hours recording an A minor chord note by note using guitar feedback. When I’d finished it sounded like 10 minutes of A minor played with guitar feedback. . .

I feel despondent, stuck in limbo between past and future where what I have is what I’ve lost.


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  • OMG this is tragic !! I met him at Sussie’s memorial, he looked so devastated! and he seemed such a wonderful person. That their soul can meet in heaven now. Love to his family that stayed behind and that a wonderful light guide them at this sad moment.

  • My god, I knew that Matt was struggling, but I cant believe that he did this, poor bloke, he was genuine and funny. Gutted.

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