Special offer: best seats at Covent Garden £25, tonight only

Here’s what they tweet:  Offer for tonight’s #ROHelektra – £25 for orchestra stalls. Enter ‘tweetelektra’ in the ‘do you have a code?’ box > http://www.roh.org.uk/events/22767/tickets …


Why on earth is Elektra such a hard sell?


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  • “Why on earth is Elektra such a hard sell?”



    Many people find it too heavy, musically and dramatically.

    Even Karajan and Solti went through phases with it.

    • It’s a question of casting. Here’s my suggestion to guarantee a sell-out run:

      Elektra: Jackie Evancho

      Klytemnestra: Katherine Jenkins

      Chrysothemis: Sarah Brightman

      Oreste: Alfie Boe

      Aegisth: Russell Watson

      • Alfie Boe has actually sung in Elektra at Covent Garden, although as the Young Servant rather than Oreste (or indeed Aegisth). This was back in 2008 when he was dividing his time between performing in opera and his more lucrative cross-over projects. He was fine in that part, although I wouldn’t want to hear him tackling one of the larger Strauss tenor roles.

        • Jon (ahem) I you ‘Google’ “Jackie Evancho” I think you’ll see that Theodore McG wasn’t really that serious with his casting suggestion.

  • Well, the type of people who mainly go to the ROH only want Puccini, Verdi, and Mozart, and have the dosh, plus all the corporate entertaining that goes on in that house as well. Gloriana wasn’t even full, and neither was Werther last year. If I were in London I’d go for £25, but I wouldn’t pay £180 as you normally can do, and I must say I’d be going on my own as I can’t think of anyone who’d want to come with me 🙂

    • Even though, Una, we have never met, I’d go with you, and I hope you’d take a chance with me, on the grounds that I’m old enough to be harmless!

      Charles Edwards’s production of this, my favourite Strauss opera, – well, after Rosenkavalier I suppose – is mind-blowing in the extreme.

      I have seen this same production on three separate occasions, and being a greedy little so-and-so, I’m going again on Sunday (tee hee hee)

      If this is the recession, roll on the boom!

    • Christine Goerke, Michaela Schuster and Adrienne Pieczonka are superb artists; Andris Nelsons a marvellous conductor. The production is, apparently, a matter of taste but all those I know who’ve seen it have been blown away. I wish I could get to see it; even more so when I see how little I would have to pay…

  • Well I kid you not but I heard someone saying that Fidelio was better value because it was in 2 acts and Elektra is only one.

    I see my RNCM contemporary Anna Burford is the First Maid! Perhaps I will make a special effort to go to London to see it! Sounds like a true bargain at £25.

  • I just tried to buy one of these tickets using the code. There is no “do you have a code” box! Bah. £97 is a bit beyond the budget but £25 would have been a steal.

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