Hottest orchestra flashmob…. ever

Watch…. love it!


The Andalusian Orchestra go for it on Ashkelon beach.



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  • But why did they feel the need to add canned applause and cheering form a stadium crowd to the end?

    Feels more like a pre-set promo video of a straightforward performance than anything resembling a ‘flashmob’.

  • Agreed. All of the beachgoers “surprise” was very staged, as were the female dancers. This was a music video, not a flash mob.

  • Well, at least it caused me to google “Andalusian orchestra.” I learned it is actually the “Israeli Andalusian Orchestra” (or “Israeli-Andalus”). They play versions of traditional Sephardic Jewish-Arab and Andalusian music. They aren’t half-bad if you like that kind of music (which I do). There are a number of videos of them on you tube. So thanks, Norman, for making me aware of them.

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