Behind Breaking Bad lies the sound of Philip Glass

An interview with Dave Porter, who wrote the soundtrack for the cult TV series, reveals that he started out – like so many others – in the Philip Glass studio, mastering the frugal craft of repetition. Read here.

Nico Muhly, whose Two Boys is about to be staged at the Met, is another Glass protégé. The influence is everywhere.

breaking bad

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  • I recall once tuning in to the local classical radio station and catching some string piece in progress.

    Arpeggio, arpeggio, arpeggio, arpeggio, arpeggio, arpeggio, arpeggio, arpeggio…

    “When did they start playing Philip Glass here?” I wondered.

    But no… when it finished the announcer identified it as the slow movement of a Vivaldi concerto.

    I’ve always felt that Bruckner and Vivaldi made Glass possible.

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