Video: Aussie and American split biggest singing prize

Video: Aussie and American split biggest singing prize


norman lebrecht

October 13, 2013

The results are in for Neue Stimmen, the televised German competition that bills itself as the world’s biggest. The jury split on the women and decided to share the full first prize between two sopranos – an Australian, Nicole Car and an American, Nadine Sierra. Third was the Russian, Kristina Mkhitaryan.

(Bad night for mezzos.)

The men’s mastersingers were:

Myong-Hyun Lee (South Korea)

2 Oleg Tibulco (Moldova)

3  Oleksandr Kyreiev (Ukraine)

(Wo sind die Deutschen? Has Italy run out of tenors?) UPDATE: More from the jury room.

neue stimmen

Judges Dominique Meyer and Liz Mohn with the winners. Photo: Jan Voth 

H/t Brian Dickie.


  • richardcarlisle says:

    Calm brilliance of an evening star, intense brilliance of the desert sun, now the brilliance of Nadine Sierra to be treasured as well.

  • jk says:

    wo sind die deutschen

  • harryfiddler says:

    Nicole Car is a knockout. She’s been working hard (too hard?) for Opera Australia this last year, working her way up through Paminas and Micaelas and Mimis. Her ‘Ach, ich fuhls’ was one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard in a long time. She’s doing Desdemona in 2014. Clear, bright voice, honest stage presence, definitely one to watch.

  • Marguerite Foxon says:

    Hooray for the Aussies!!!