Never heard of this Deezer?

Never heard of this Deezer?


norman lebrecht

October 08, 2013

Apparently it’s the number #2 streaming service behind Spotify, with four million subscribers to Spotify’s six.

Deezer, which does not serve the US, believes it has spotted a gap in the market. Surveys showed that 92 percent of its users – yes, 92% – would listen to classical if it was available on stream. So Deezer has done a deal with Universal, the biggest classical record group. Here‘s the app. Let us know how you get on.


‘The app helps users discover a variety of classical songs, including interpretations of various pieces, through categories such as composer, era, and mood. ‘


  • Clicked link. Saw “Login” and “Signup” buttons. Closed link.

  • Warren Cohen says:

    I still cringe at the use of the word “songs” in this context. I presume I am not alone.

  • Lightdrink says:

    Seriously, Deezer should not be considered as a serious actor for classical music in streaming. You’d better look for the german service Wimp or the french service Qobuz, which provide streaming in CD quality (lossless, no compressed music like MP3, bad quality found on Deezer). Should I also speak about the catalogue ? I bet you won’t find Harmonia Mundi on other streaming services. Qobuz and Wimp are going global, and I hope it will improve the way people listen to music online, especially in terms of audio quality. As an important cultural commentator, especially in classical music, you should take a look at these innovative services, defending a faithful reproduction of music. They are the only ones creating the willingness to pay of music lover consumers. I especially think about Qobuz because it provides a very important editorial work to promote classical music. This is not surprising, the founder of the website is Yves Riesel, President of Abeille Musique, French label specialized in the distribution of independent classical music. I would be interested to know what he thinks about this.

  • Stuart Johnson says:

    “Songs”?? Desperately poor, uneducated, childish.