Vienna tours with female trumpet player

Vienna tours with female trumpet player


norman lebrecht

February 17, 2012

No, not the Philharmonic – that would be a revolution. It’s the Vienna Chamber Orchestra and they are in Spain with the stunning  Mireia Farrés.

On second thoughts, why can’t she play in the Vienna Philharmonic? Remind me.

UPDATE: Mireia is principal trumpet of the Barcelona symphony Orchestra. Here she is, blowing the opening of Mahler 5th.


  • Too distracting for the second trumpet player?

  • She isn’t blowing Mahler 5th…..she’s NAILING it. The only problem with her playing in Vienna is that she isn’t playing a German Trumpet. She would have to change. It would also help if she had trained in Vienna, its such a different style. Her sex should have nothing to do with it, and the Viennese are very conservative. I know I studied there.