Salzburg on trial: former director admits he got 5% of all sponsorships

The long-running saga of who almost crashed the Easter Festival in 2009 is finally coming to court.

It’s incredibly complicated and sub judice, but in a hearing on Friday the former director Michael DeWitte, who is facing separate criminal charges, voluntered the admission that he was entitled to receive five percent of all sponsorship money coming into the festival. This, he added, had been agreed by the board. So hätten die Hauptgesellschafter der Osterfestspiele von dem Minderheitsgesellschafter erfahren, dass er, Dewitte, fünf Prozent aller Sponsorgelder als Provision erhalten soll.

Read the Standard report here in German. It ought to cause your eyebrows to shoot vertically upwards.

DeWitte with Eliette von Karajan, in happier times

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