Opera singer: I will emigrate if Scotland goes independent

Opera singer: I will emigrate if Scotland goes independent


norman lebrecht

February 12, 2012

One of the brightest voices in Scotland has warned she will leave the country if it chooses independece from the United Kingdom in a 2014 referendum.

Karen Cargill, who makes her Met debut in April as Waltraute in Götterdämmerung, told Tim Cornwell in The Scotsman that independence would kill the arts in her country.

“I think we’re stronger together, she said. ” People know I’m Scottish, I don’t really require an independent parliament.” If the worst comes to pass, the mezzo-soprano will emigrate with her Canadian husband to his country.

Karen Cargill

photo: Ken Dundas



  • ariel says:

    Not to Canada , please .

  • Marvig says:


    Who does this puffed up prima donna think she is to subvert the will of the Scottish people. Under the SNP government the arts have flourished. Under the London parties the arts in Scotland became a one of the few ways f

  • Marvig says:

    …For scots to express their national identity.

  • Simon says:

    Well, so what? It’s her right of free speech, but she’s just one out of more than 5 million Scots. I have never understood why artists should be considered political experts.

    JFTR: I’m neither Scottish nor British.

  • Iain Paterson says:

    As is often the case with such “quotes”, the context here has been entirely missed. As someone who was present during this interview, I can assure you that Karen’s remarks were made in jest, and could never have been taken, by anyone who heard her laughing and joking over a cup of coffee, to be serious political opinion.