Mexican media wakes up to kidnap of German conductor

Mexican media wakes up to kidnap of German conductor


norman lebrecht

February 07, 2012

There’s a first report today in El Economista. It may help pressure the Mexican authorities to do something about the case of Rodolfo Cazares, held by a drugs gang near the US border for more than seven months.

The headline reads: German musicians denounce the kidnap of Mexican conductor. Very true. Let’s hear from Mexican politicians. Now. And Carlos Slim.


  • Nothing else than rage , pain and despair can come out of such terrible event. As a Mexican national, I am ashamed of this beign the reality of my country, and even more ashamed of the politicians who run it.
    The Cazares family suffers in the middle of a true nightmare, caught in crossfire between a cruel mafia, an extremely deteriorated social environment and a political class that is good for nothing and has led the country to an uprecedent violence. To hell with ALL Mexican politicians! From the first to the last, they are all good for nothing! Mediocre, despicable, corrrupted, uncapable, unwilling, unbearable! They are responsible for this tragedy.
    I wish the Cazares family all the strength to overcome this terrible situation and I wish from the bottom of my heart that Mr. Rodolfo Cazares comes back home immediately.

    As for the Mexican politicians, from all parties, at the federal and local governments, at the congress, at the ministeries: This is all your fault. From the first to the last one, left and right, you should ALL, be in jail.

  • Amadeus von Arb says:

    There is still time to change. The danger is, that such behaviour becomes normal for a society after a certain time. The only way is the pressure of the Mexican population on every level. I know that as a Swiss. The reputation you keep for ever.