Just in: Munich Ring suffers second dropout

Three days before premiere, Alberich has gone sick.

Johannes Martin Kränzle Johannes Martin Kränzle has been whisked in from Frankfurt to replace poorly Wolfgang Koch.

There has already been a Fasolt replacement – Thomas Gumbel for Diogenes Randes.

Maybe if the singers were allowed to keep their clothes on, they wouldn’t start sneezing all over the set.

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  • If I remember the libretto correctly Alberich is SUPPOSED to sneeze all over the set.
    (Er prustet)

    Feuchtes Nass
    füllt mir die Nase:
    verfluchtes Niesen!

    (Er ist in Woglindes Nähe angelang)


    Prustend naht
    meines Freiers Pracht!


  • It looks like Munich wants to save money on costumes. I think the intent is to make artists look naked, but they most obviously are NOT. It’s more like Wagner in cheap underwear.

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