Hungary latest: EU Parliament to investigate 'serious concerns'

Hungary latest: EU Parliament to investigate 'serious concerns'


norman lebrecht

February 16, 2012

A resolution has been passed in Strabourg, calling for an investigation into whether Hungary, increasingly isolated by its racist government, is complying with EU laws and values. Press release here. The move appears to chime with an appeal last week by conductor Adam Fischer.


  • Doug says:

    And what exactly is Strasbourg going to do about the ethnic Hungarians in Romania and Slovakia who are stripped of their Hungarian passports and where any signs of Hungarian language and heritage are erased from public view? They deserve it I guess. That’s why Hungary is still pay war reparations too.

  • Andras says:

    Racist government? It goes to show how litle you know about Hungarians and their governement. The EU is clearly showing that their only care is having full control of Hungary, they never once complained of the previous gorvernment even though there was numerous times they could and should have stepped in. They are trying to erase Hungary and Hungarians and they feel completely threaten by a leader that for once stands up for his people and like the fellow poster said, what about the ethnic Hungarians that are being treated like third class citizens and are constantly under attack from the “RACIST” governent that they reside in. The EU might wish for our kind to one day be nothing but a distant memory but we are and will always be around!