Bad taste award: the crappiest headline of the year

Bad taste award: the crappiest headline of the year


norman lebrecht

February 14, 2012

It’s a top-drawer Daily Mail story: pseudo-science meets pseudo-celebrity with a dash of genocide and bodily waste. The headline:

Beethoven’s last movement: Composer creates song based on DNA from hair clippings that survived Auschwitz hidden inside prisoner’s body

Just yuk. Read on, if you must.


  • Doug says:

    I clicked but it was just a link dump.

  • Alex says:


    One has to suspect the whole story, especially when it talks about “22 unique amino acids in Beethoven’s DNA”. Beethoven really was unique if he had any amino acids in his DNA, let alone 22 of them. As a commenter notes, how can one be sure that this really is Beethoven’s DNA, especially given the… history… of the alleged strand of his hair. Not least, why would anyone think that his DNA sequence would encode music like that he wrote – the whole thing is complete nonsense from beginning to end. But it’s kind of redundant to say that about any story in the Daily Fail.