The concertmaster also plays – free classical download #6

It’s easy for audiences to overlook the soloist credentials of the person who takes the orchestra’s hot seat, especially when that person in a woman. So Slipped Disc is proud to present a forthcoming Orchid recording of the Ravel sonata, featuring Christina Åstrand, one of Scandinavia’s top violinists and leader, for the past 20 years of the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Per Salo is the pianist. Here’s Christina’s CV.

Christina Åstrand

Lamentably, she’d never get an audition in Vienna.

Download here.

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  • Funny , I clicked the link “Slipped disc ” from the internet , because I have them ( Several) but was treated to a wistful moment , a beautiful woman with an incredible talent, and an incredible violin ( 1705 Strad) and a Concert .

    I love Chamber , and Baroque , But then reading her Bio ,…………. Concert Master at 22 years old ,and still holds the position .

    Maybe it is good she wont get the Audition in Vienna ,……. Just to keep her where she can elate the commoner

    Isn’t that what the Bard was for , You didn’t have to be Royalty to get a seat ( Or be in the play !)

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