So Stockhausen gets this letter from Beethoven

So Stockhausen gets this letter from Beethoven


norman lebrecht

January 10, 2012

The Brahms Institute of Lübeck reports an important find.

In a job lot of 20 boxes of musicalia bequeathed by a deceased music tracher, it has found an original letter by Beethoven. It is dated 1823 and mailed to Paris, addressed to a Herr Stockhausen.

As usual, Beethoven complains about his health and living conditions. He does not, sadly, offer analysis or criticism of Gruppen.


  • This post and the other one with the orchestral snowball fight both made me laugh. I would love to write a letter from Beethoven to Stockhausen! The humorous possibilities abound. But in the meantime, I was inspired to do a post on musical humor which you can find here: