Singalonga Beethoven, with Barenboim on the baton

Singalonga Beethoven, with Barenboim on the baton


norman lebrecht

January 27, 2012

Germany is trying to put together the biggest ever virtual chorus for Beethoven’s ninth on July 29 (eat your heart out, Gustav Mahler, that Symphony of 1,000 will sound like a chamber piece in comparison).

Barenboim’s conducting on the Waldbuehne and he wants to hear from YOU. Here’s his how-to on video:


More details here (auf deutsch, but google will help)


Daniel Barenboim - Beethoven für alle


  • Brian says:

    After hearing countless performances with the CSO, I always came out wanting more than I received for the price of my ticket. I don’t think I’ll be singing along…

  • ariel says:

    Are there going to be fireworks ??? as at the overated Dudamel bash ….. poor Ludwig