Sheepish media go searching for that darned ringtone

Mainstream media were 24 hours behind the web in reporting the disruption of a New York Philharmonic concert by a phone alarm and they are still pedalling hard to catch up.

My pals at thousandfoldecho got pestered by CNN and I was contacted by CBS News, German radio and any number of print outlets all wanting to know what I’ve said I will never disclose – the identity of the hapless offender. And I’m not even in New York.

Sometimes, you do wish the hacks would do their own legwork.

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  • Weird that this oh-so-common happening gets picked up by all and sundry, yet that Vänskä performance at the Barbican in December got nothing from the Brit press – despite being much more shocking behaviour and generating even more comment on here!

  • I wouldn’t get too smug about lambasting the “mainstream media”, especially since Stormin’ Norman conveniently forgot to note Daniel J. Wakin’s feature, dated January 12, 2012, from the New York Times. Soon enough for ya? The MSM did just fine there, something that at least one person glossed over.

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