Opera chief drops to his knees begging, 'please help me save my chorus…'

In Copenhagen tonight, Keith Warner, head of the Royal Opera, addressed an anti-cuts concerts from his knees.  ‘Please,’ he said, help me save my chorus.’

Cutbacks.  56 opera singers to become 40th  - Photo: HOLM MAGNUS

Government cuts threaten to reduce the chorus by one-third and, by doing so, demolish Denmark’s place in the league of major opera houses.

Here’s a live report from Politiken. Google gives a legible translation.

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  • Denmark’s Royal Opera has produced some great Danish singers e.g. Melchior, Roswaenge, but it was never “in the league of major opera houses.” What made DROH great was its ballet company.

  • Recession affects the whole world. Orchestra, Opera house and many classical performances are being cut due to the bad economy.

    In our neighboring cities, I have seen music teachers losing up to half of their teaching income due to this. Music stores are closing as well.

    Additionally, internet video sharing sites, YouTube and others are making the concert and performance much more accessible to general public.

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