How perfect: Mrs Strauss-Kahn launches site to protect rich and famous

Any sympathy you might have felt for the sex-pest banker, which can’t have been much, will surely dissipate at the news that his stand-by-your-man Madame has linked up with Arianna to launch the French version of Huffington Post.

Huff specialises in getting the rich and powerful to write articles saying how great and good they are. I can’t wait to read the piece by banker Dom on how terrible it is t be sexually harassed by much younger women. Mme Anne promises to be ‘transparent’. Oh, yeah.

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  • I agree it’s an unappealing prospect, Norman, but neither would I want them to be favourably compared to the muck-raking gutter press, who have abused their freedoms for too long, and we’ve let them get away with it!

  • Dear Mr. Lebrecht, I’d like to take it a step or two further than fellow commentator PJ – you really can’t do this. Mr. Strauss-Kahn certainly does not come across as the loveliest banker on the planet but for you to label him a rapist is simply wrong. Your writings on the NEC have reminded your readers of the consequences of having a sexual offender’s stamp on one’s forehead – and in that sad case the stamp was actually deserved, right? I don’t know if you ever remove posts (and the Internet never forgets, I guess) but now might be a good time to pull this one.

  • Mme Anne has been seen going into wife-swapping (“échangistes”) clubs with her old man so she’s no saint, as some journalists would have us believe.

  • Thank you for the edit. I’ve never encountered the expression “sex-pest” before so this became a learning experience as well.

    Also, thank you for honoring the memory of Paavo Berglund on this sad day. I just wrote to a friend that it’s as if a mountain disappeared – and we don’t have that many mountains in Finland.

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