How not to treat a singer – rehearsal pics from Munich's underwear Ring

Director Andreas Kriegenburg likes to get his way in rehearsal.

He’s not afraid of a fight 

and when it gets really boring, he organises a tug-of-war .

This, I think, is the divorce scene from Rheingold 

What divorce? Does it really matter in a post-modern prod?

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  • The third figure in the last picture (ie the one who is neither Fricka nor Freia) is in fact the director who in the course of a rehearsal is pretty obviously showing the singers what he would like them to do… Funnily enough he can be seen doing something similar in the third picture. If you look back you can probably find similar pictures of Patrice Chereau at Bayreuth in 1976 or Goetz Friderich at Covent Garden in the 70s when they were both rehearsing new productions of the Ring… They probably wanted to “get their way in rehearsal” too…

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