Breaking: two French musicians to write Obama's campaign music

Breaking: two French musicians to write Obama's campaign music


norman lebrecht

January 10, 2012

French media are running with a story that Tony Jazz and Mathieu Billon, two musicians from Bordeaux, have been commissioned to write one of Barack Obama’s re-election themes. The pair are founders of the On Air agency. ‘Very gratifying,’ they say.

Read on here (in French). And here on video is what you can expect from On Air.


  • Barry Johnstone. says:

    I would have thought that at the very least the President would have got an AMERICAN composer! By implication, American composers aren’t considered not good enough. I’ve got some news for Mr Obama. THEY ARE!

  • Robbie Ellis says:

    John Kerry is fluent in French, but when he was interviewed by French-language media during his run at the Presidency in 2004, he would only go on camera in English. Anti-France sentiment was pretty strong then – looks like it might have subsided in the USA since then…?

  • Carolyn Barnett-Goldstein says:

    I wonder what Sarkozy and Bruni are thinking. I guess, for all of the Rappers and others called musicians and artists whom he invites to the White House, plus Motown, of course, he doesn’t think they are as good as these frauds, or should I say, copycats, from France? Do they sample American music, too? Why does he need a new song, when there is so much from which to choose? I’m surprised he didn’t choose someone from Latin America, Venezuela, or Mexico,
    or even Cuba. It exemplifies the state of music in the WH- and in the heads of the Democratic Party.This is a direct slap to all of those in music and the film industry, who have given him tens of millions of dollars. Or is he going to say, he didn’t want to play favorites?
    This is quite a news item. Thank you.

  • Elaine Fine says:

    They were pretty successful with the work they did with the campaign in 2008.