Breaking: Rio municipal theatre delays season after buildings collapse

News just in from Brazil: the famed municipal theatre of Rio has been forced to postpone its new season until May after the collapse of nearby buildings.

<br />
Teatro Municipal adia em dois meses a temporada 2012 após desabamentos no Centro<br />
Foto: Carlos Ivan / O Globo

Report here in Globo.

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  • According to recent news, the Brazilian Federal Police (besides the Police of the State of Rio de Janeiro) is investigating the buildings collapse circumstances because the Theatro Municipal is considered a national artistic and historical patrimony by IPHAN (Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional) and, at least, a theater annex building was affected.

  • Unfortunately, Norman, this means that Rio is without ANY theatre for orchestral concerts, opera, ballet and recitals!

    Our “City of Music”, more recently renamed ” City of the Arts”, though cost already over U$400 million (dollars) has never been finished and remains closed. The Mayor of Rio stated in today’s papers that he doesn’t consider finishing it important enough to make it a priority.

    Since most of the work for the Olympic Games and the World Cup are VERY late, the people wonder what exactly is a priority!

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