Anyone hear Alagna last night at the Met?

Anyone hear Alagna last night at the Met?


norman lebrecht

January 10, 2012

He stepped in last minute for Joseph Calleja in Faust.

Tonight he’s singing Cavaradosi in Tosca. The man’s in peak form and hungry for work.

Send us a mail if you heard him.

photo: (c) Lebrecht Music & Arts


  • Henrik Engelbrecht says:

    I was there, and indeed Alagna is in top shape at the moment. He did a splendid concert with us at Tivoli in Copenhagen in August, and he just seems to be as keen on what he does as ever before. Impressive after a 20 year+ career. His Salut, demure yesterday was simply stunning. Looking forward to his Cavaradossi this evening. I wonder how many other singers would take on two so demanding roles on consecutive days at a house like The Met…not something even Alagna should do too often, though….

  • tian says:

    everytime when his awful DG crossover like releases came out, that irritated me…