Wash those ears with a dose of Boulez – free classical download #3

The treat on your Slipped Disc turntable this morning comes from the oh-so shrewdly named French label, naive.

It’s an upcoming release of Mémoriale by Pierre Boulez for solo flute and 8 instruments (2 horns, 3 violins, 2 violas, cello) lasting 5’39, followed by a bonus track of Fantaisie (Les Pleurs d’Orphée ayant perdu sa femme), possibly by Luigi Rossi.

Listen up here for your lovely download.

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  • Thanks for the downloads. The first was just wonderful.

    Sadly, I cannot listen to today’s, as I do not have Flash. Flash is
    only available for Windows and the Mac, with some Linux. If you
    don’t run those, you are out of luck. Release #1 was a simple
    mp3, being truly OS independent. My thoughts…

    –STeve Andre’

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