Stop me and buy one: The Flying Dutchman's greatest hits


Which marketing genius slapped on the black sticker?

If the image is too small for your eyes, it reads: Includes: You Won’t Let Me Down Again, Time of The Season & No Place to Fall.

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  • Probably the same bonehead that designed the cover. This whole series of album art from DG/Decca has been hideous. The new “Opera” series on Decca is much nicer looking and at least preserves the cover art. Too bad–this is a pretty good modern Dutchman I owned in my grad school days. Tho I’d love to hear Behrens sing anything even ‘Time of the Season’.

  • I assume “You won’t let me down again” is a deleted aria Holländer was supposed to sing as he leaves at the end, thinking himself betrayed by Senta.
    “Time of the Season” is probably the original unrevised version of “Die Frist ist um”, while “No Place to Fall” is another deleted aria that Erik sings at the top of the cliff from which Senta jumped.
    It was supposed to conclude the opera, however the audience at a tryout preview at the Stadttheater Groß-Enzersdorf thought it was a bit of an anti-climax.
    This led to the major revisions that turned the opera into the work we know today 😉

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