New study: learning an instrument helps disadvantaged kids to read

Some stunning results are reported from a voluntary pilot scheme in Melbourne. It would seem that one hour’s instrumental teaching a week has increased literacy rates among disadvantaged kid to 90%, compared to 65% in schools where no arts teaching was provided.

Essential reading for education ministers and policy makers. Good to see the Mayor of London has got the point.

Read on here.

Nakier Chol

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  • Yes, and? Really, stupid STUPID people cut these things and notice a decline in all sorts of mental, physical discipline but we HAVE KNOWN in the music profession that music making of all kinds stimulates mental processes throughout the whole organ of our brain. Reading is a complex process. Reading with full comprehension and interpretation is even more complex. Parallel study in music stimulates similar cognitive links and processes. God give me strength-and let’s give children music in their lives.

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