It's jobs for the girls on London's South Bank (updated)

It's jobs for the girls on London's South Bank (updated)


norman lebrecht

December 14, 2011

Marshall Marcus quit as head of music to find his inner Venezuelan.  Today they announced his successors.

No due process, no proper search. It’s a double inside job, buggins turn for a pair of loyal staffers.

UPDATE: Some fastidious souls have criticised my headline. My defence: when an inside appointment is made without external candidates being considered, whether in the city or a football stadium, that is popularly referred to as ‘jobs for the boys’. When the same fix is performed for women, equal opportunity terminology applies.

Here’s the press release:


Gillian Moore has been appointed Head of Classical Music and Jane Beese has been appointed Head of Contemporary Music at Southbank Centre from immediate effect. The change of roles for both Gillian and Jane follows the announcement last month that Marshall Marcus has relinquished his role as Head of Music to develop a programme of work, which will significantly deepen the relationship between Southbank Centre and El Sistema.

Southbank Centre has reviewed the structure of the music programming team and created two senior appointments. Gillian Moore Gillian Moorewill be responsible for the development and programming of classical music and Jane will have responsibility for the development and programming of a wide range of contemporary music from rock and electronica to world and folk traditions. Gillian and Jane will work closely together on the whole range of music on offer at Southbank Centre. Gillian’s and Jane’s Jane Beeserespective previous roles as Head of Contemporary Culture and Senior Programmer of Contemporary Music will cease to exist.

Jude Kelly, Artistic Director at Southbank Centre, said: “I am pleased to announce Gillian and Jane will take up these two appointments, who will work jointly with me developing all aspects of music at Southbank Centre. As a leading and respected international figure in the classical music field and an expert in contemporary classical music and music education, Gillian Moore is uniquely qualified for this role. Gillian was the Artistic Director of London Sinfonietta from 1998–2006 and has played a significant part in the classical music programme we have been proud to build up. She has been responsible for notable festivals such as Varèse, Boulez, Lachenmann and Stockhausen.


  • Richard Gammons says:

    Dear Norman
    It may be that these ladies where in fact the best ‘girls for the job’ but sadly, neither the Southbank, the ‘Girls’ or the rest of the world will ever know for sure because as you rightly point out, there was nothing done to gauge’ them against.

  • karen says:

    Now we know why all the hype for Gustavo Dudamel (so overrated) it’s favors, we have many conductors in the U.S. who far outweigh GD in talent, intellect etc. Now we have one answer to the Proms 07.

    Venezuela will take over LA, but that’s good LA is a septic tank and flies are drawn to it., Deborah Borda and the gang can try to play the BS game that classical music in the community (saved by a non english speaking clown from Venezuela) will elevate the poor communities (while mgmt and overpaid, overated, non English speaking idiots) a U.S. conductor with knowledge we have black and white ones you really had to go to Venezuela? spare the American people.

    You idiots didn’t learn from that bell brain from Austria? Well the latinos will be taking over Hollyweird with the rest of the classical sewage, don’t insult our flag put of the Venezuela flag L.A. is so not American, but the Good news is you Whites will be working for the Latinos soon, you money grubbing, head bobbing , anul smudges.