I'm giving very serious thought… Hannibal Lecter releases classical CD

I tootled down to Cardiff in the summer for a chat with Sir Anthony Hopkins, who is down to play a main role in the film of my novel, The Song of Names. He was presenting a concert of music he had written throughout his life, ever since he signed on as a student – a music student, he insisted – at the Welsh Academy of Music and Drama.

The concert was played by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, conductor Michael Seal, and a good time was had by all. The producer was Tommy Pearson. Now it is to be released on CD by the Classic FM franchise. Judge for yourselves.

Tony, by the way, was not just well versed in The Song of Names. He wanted to engage me in a long conversation about Why Mahler? He’s serious about his music, is Hannibal Lecter.

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  • I would love to buy the CD. Do you know how I go about doing this? I’m a big Tony fan, and would love to have the CD

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