Has this composer nicked my novel?

Has this composer nicked my novel?


norman lebrecht

December 11, 2011

I have been reading about a composer in Stuttgart, Florian Käppler, who, to commemorate the deportation and murder of 959 Jews one day 70 years ago, has created a sound installation with the notes arranged according to the intials of the victims names. He calls it The Symphony of Names.

My novel is called The Song of Names

It centres on a similar act of musical commemoration, though in a subtler, more adhesive form.

Coincidence? I guess so. There’s no ownership of an idea and I’m quite curious to hear Mr Käppler’s installation.


  • Tor Frømyhr says:

    “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs”, ” Songs are Sung” etc. etc.? This horrendous period in history has been the catalyst for a remarkable outpouring of creativity. All are different perspectives of the individual and humanity. I have played and conducted the above including the WP of the String Orchestra version of “Songs are Sung” and now I am motivated to read your first Novel.