Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Teresa, Dr King and Anne Frank – all in one Carnegie premiere

It’s Karl Jenkins’s The Peacemakers, coming up on January 16.

I once described Jenkins’ music as disposable – in the very sense, in the way that much of what Haydn and Mozart turned out was never intended to be heard more than once or twice. Karl seems to have got around that drawback by seeding a load of Google-search named into his work to ensure that it gets repeated widely and often.

Good luck to him.

More here.

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  • When you say that Karl is ‘getting around that drawback’ (of never intending his music to be heard more than once), what exactly do you mean?

    His Armed Man piece has been performed hundreds of times all over the world (indeed, it’s easily the most successful work of its kind in the last decade); his Requiem and Stabat Mater are also performed all over, along with many more of his works.

    Boosey & Hawkes have a useful webpage that lists the (hundreds) of performances of his pieces around the world, if you’d care to look:

    Whatever you might think of his music, the last thing you could accuse Karl Jenkins of doing is writing music that isn’t intended to be heard more than once or twice! Getting something as irrelevant as an effective Google-search result is hardly going to be at the forefront of the mind of one of Britain’s most successful and performed composers, now is it?

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