English conductor wakes up to $8 million windfall

English conductor wakes up to $8 million windfall


norman lebrecht

December 20, 2011

My friend William Boughton will be having a happy holiday.

His orchestra, the New Haven Symphony, has been left the income on 40 percent of a rich man’s estate, valued at just over $20 million.

William, who is working his way through recording Walton’s original orchestral scores which are archived at Yale, will be able to permit himself the extra rehearsal or two.

Good for him.


  • As reported yesterday on MusicalAmerica.com, the New Haven Symphony is to earn 40 percent of the INCOME generated from $20 million. Not 40% of $20M.

  • I’m very glad to hear this good news. Is William Boughton descended from Rutland Boughton by any chance?

  • Chin Kim says:

    So there is hope for money in orchestras? Thank goodness..