101 reasons not to read the Huffington Post

101 reasons not to read the Huffington Post


norman lebrecht

December 13, 2011

1 It doesn’t pay writers and insists on owning their copyrights. That’s theft, albeit a consensual form of the offence.

2 It’s soporific.

3 ….

101 Dozy Alan Davey, the career civil servant who manages the Arts Council on behalf of Lazy Hunt-Vaizey, has published an article there today on Art in Uncertain Times. Alan Davey

Let me save you the trouble of reading it.

Like Michael Kaiser’s equivocations, it adds precisely nothing to our knowledge of how to run the arts in tough times. These people have, as their first priority, the concern not to offend the people who pay their wages. So all you get is bland blah-blah.


  • DES_Toronto says:

    OK, you want to be paid for writing for the Huffington Post. Speak to the editors. Boycott it. But to accuse it of “consensual theft”? Come on. Total nonsense. HPost attracts lots of writers, some of them very rich celebrities, who just want the platform. If you want to be paid for your writing, find an outlet that will pay you. Stop crying.

  • vcsam says:

    I stopped reading HP about 6 months ago when I finally realized that its articles are not well written and the headlines are so often hysterical and sometimes almost unrelated to the content. And they don’t fact check. There is no editing. That, added to the trash on the right side of the page about silly celebs and other nasty people, makes for a lousy reading experience. There has been only one article to my knowledge in the last several years about music and that was one written by the wonderful opera mezzo-soprano Suzanne Mentzer. Everything else is about those dreadful Kardashians.