The disrupted concert – a secret recording

The disrupted concert – a secret recording


norman lebrecht

November 19, 2011

Nigel Simeone has posted on youtube a covert recording he received of the disruption by an audience member of Osma Vanskaa’s London performance of Bruckner’s fourth symphony. Judge for yourselves – though you’ll need to turn up the volume to hear what is being shouted.


  • Anon says:

    Um, hate to say it, but shouldn’t we all be rather against folk making recordings of concerts illicitly? Isn’t this supposed to sound the death of musicians’ livelihoods, or something? If so, I guess we should be ignoring such a recording, or demanding that it is erased immediately. If we’re not demanding that, then I suppose we accept that concerts can be recorded, or that here is a legitimate public interest outlet for the illicit recordings of concerts and the musicians don’t deserve extra fees for playing the same notes in the same order, recording or otherwise.

    Mr. Simone may wish to consider whether there is (I think there is, but can’t remember the source) legislation making it illegal to promote or disseminate illegally obtained or recorded material.
    Personally, I’d say there was a public interest defence, and note Manchester Camerata’s bold move to encourage small-scale recording; but I suspect the MU would see things rather differently.

    • NIgel SImeone says:

      That’s a fair point, which is why I only posted a 30-second fragment on the basis that the discussion might be helped by hearing what actually happened. I certainly wouldn’t encourage disseminating a complete recording, but I’d argue special circumstances for this particular episode. Oh – and it’s SimEone – I’m not related to Nina…

  • Wow, that was a very long and heated comment thread on the previous post on the London Philharmonic disrupter. Fascinating to read the spectrum of opinions and it inspired a post on concert rage, etiquette and audience enthusiasm: