New reason to stay away from Salzburg (+video)

New reason to stay away from Salzburg (+video)


norman lebrecht

November 03, 2011

I warned you about this a while back, and it finally opens to the public tomorrow.

It’s the big one – Salzburg’s belated tribute to its most famous citizens. Not Mozart (who’s Mozart?). It’s the Trapp Family exhibition in the town that kicked them out.

Artikelbild: Die sieben Kinder Georg und Agathe von Trapps mit Stiefmutter Maria Augusta und der Hauskaplan Franz Wasner - Foto: APA/SALZBURG MUSEUM

The exciting Sound of Music exhibition at the Salzburg Museum has 180 pieces of genuine family memorabilia gathered from around the world. And this is just a trial run. Plans are in hand for a year-round Trapp Family Museum. Salzburg has finally forgiven the unreasonable, anti-Nazi Trapps.

The Trapp Family Singers in the 50s on tour in the USA.  Image: SN / VIENNA MUSEUM / TRAPP FAMILY LODGE

The Sound of Music itself has just opened in a Salzburg theatre for the first time. According to Der Standard, the city is gripped by Trapp-mania. Next, they’s be asking the Pope to beatify the singing children.

I shall be staying away…. and I may be gone awhile.

Here’s a video promo to keep you happy.