Mahler 10: new version goes on tour

Mahler 10: new version goes on tour


norman lebrecht

November 22, 2011

The young Israeli conductor Yoel Gamzou has made a good attempt to freshen up the performing version of Mahler’s last score. He takes it on tour across Germany this week.

Gustav Mahler Symphony Nr.10 (Gamzou Version)
International Mahler Orchestra
Yoel Gamzou, conductor

General rehearsal for the public.
»Große Halle« University Witten-Herdecke. 20.11.2011
Tickets available at the box office /6 p.m.

21.11.2011 Wiesbaden | Kurhaus
22.11.2011 Köln | Philharmonie
25.11.2011 Berlin | Philharmonie
28.11.2011 Hamburg | St. Michaelis
29.11.2011 Leipzig | Centraltheater
01.12.2011 Stuttgart | Liederhalle


Full details here.


  • Mathieu says:

    I know it is a bit controversial, but I must confess I have never found any hearable version of Mahler 10th (except the Adagio, of course). Neither Cooke’s nor Carpenter’s realisations have much appeal to me, since the orchestration is not fully convincing, and, more significatively, the completion of Mahler’s counterpoint is never really satisfactory. Notice that I do not endorse any dogmatic argument here : I am not hostile in principle to completing unfinished work (for instance, I love F. Cerha’s completion of Lulu), but I think that in Mahler’s case, his sketches are not precise enough to yield an overall satisfactory result. So to say, in the Boulez/de La Grange debate, I am rather on the former’s side… I nevertheless wish good luck to Maestro Gamzou, and am ready to reconsider my opinion if his version proves more satisfactory than the others’.

    • Steven says:

      I’m playing in the orchestra performing his piece these days.. the new Gamzou version works very well. What a piece.. mindblowing material! Definately worth performing.

      • Mathieu says:

        Do you know if his score is going to be published ? I would love to take a peek at it (and if your orchestra performs it in France — where I live–, I would most certainly be interested to listen to it “live”). Anyway, good luck on your German tour, and all my wishes of success!

  • Steven says:

    Yes, it is being published by SCHOTT

  • Mone says:

    I attended the concert in Cologne just yesterday. It was such a great emotional musical adventure, I think this time someone (Yoel Gamzou) truly succeeded in creating a masterpiece out of Mahler’s sketches. At least it works for me! I ordered the DVD of the premiere at, you might as well get it at Also they are going to make a new record in Berlin at 11/25/2011.

  • Luciano says:

    I genuinely hope this will be a success, but….. how is Yoel Gamzou qualified to do this and why are Schott publishing it? Pretty much everyone who’s done a Mahler 10 completion has been an established composer or veteran of the music scene (eg Barshai).