If you don't like the audience, change it…

If you don't like the audience, change it…


norman lebrecht

November 02, 2011

That was my advice to struggling Dutch music organisations in a keynote speech a couple of weeks ago.

And it looks like conductor Alan Pierson has got in first. He’s taking the Brooklyn Philharmonic to Brighton Beach to play Soviet-era cartoon music.

Great idea – a million miles from the snoots of Carnegie Hall, and covered in the blue-collar Daily News, not the preppy Times.

Someone’s doing something right in Brooklyn. I love dose qartunes…

'Vinni-Puh Goes Visiting'

‘Vinni-Puh Goes Visiting'” (Soyuzmultfilm)


  • Kit says:

    If I’m also gung ho about the new direction Alan Pierson is taking the Brooklyn Philharmonic AND I like Soviet-era film music AND I read the Daily News when I’m at the dentist or I’m riding the Hudson line late on Sunday night and forgot my book and find a copy left behind BUT….

    I’m a Carnegie Hall subscriber

    …does that still make me a snoot?

  • Brian says:

    Um, Norman. Old, old news. I can’t remember where I first read of their ingenious programming ideas (months ago now) but I believe that it may have been in the (preppy?) Times…

  • Derek says:

    If you want to know who you are as an Artist? Look at your Audience !! 🙂 🙂

  • Hi Norman, unfortunately I missed your speech. But one week before, the Dutch ensemble Insomnio performed the three Vinni Puh films live in a Dutch version that I made. With Weinbergs’ great music of course. A million miles from Carnegie Hall … Vredenburg Utrecht.