EMI latest: Bank drops price. Warner and Universal rebid

Swings and roundabouts. The two majors who pulled out last week are back in.

Or so they say. Both sides are playing games.

Who loses? You and me.

Read on here.

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  • How do you and I lose? Is there really a market for THIS many major labels? I have no issue with them consolidating their finances if it means more music can be made; far better than spreading it thin and everyone selling down. This way, there is some chance for good work to happen.

    Unless you happen to just want to buy anything from a label brand, but my guess is the proper way to look at this to buy because of the music, not because of the label. At that point, stop whining about labels being bought up. It shouldn’t make any difference, and it certainly doesn’t make any difference to those of us who want to move forward, not wallow in things being The Way They Were.

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