Conductor takes fourth wife, way to go

In a signal demonstration of hope over experience, Leonard Slatkin has simultaneously signed a new contract in Detroit and a new wife, Cindy McTee, his fourth.



He may be approaching a record for the profession. Felix Weingartner married five times. Can anyone top that?

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  • Well for a start there’s Andre Previn – married five times, to Betty Bennett, Dory Langdon, Mia Farrow, Heather Sneddon and Anne-Sophie Mutter. He’s still got time for more, presumably.

    • I believe his 5th relationship was with Mezzo Soprano Susan Graham, and it lasted for 6 years before he married Rebecca Dopp, a soprano.

    • In Minneapolis when Edo de Waart was music director, there were bumper stickers which said “HONK IF YOU HAVE BEEN MARRIED TO EDO DE WAART”

  • Charles Dutoit and Bernard Haitink are both on their fourth. And of course Mutter and Previn have split up now, meaning Previn is on track for number six.

  • Hi –

    Makes me think about composers – which ones had the most wives?
    And which ones had none — Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Gershwin…

    Was Handel also “single?”


    Then of course, who had the most kids. Can anyone top Bach?

    Beth Greenberg
    New York City

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