Bookmark this: the ultimate lists of classical radio and classical blogs

Nico Schilder has written to me from Holland with what purports to be the ultimate guide to classical radio stations online. I haven’t browsed too far afield yet, but the research is impressive and if you feel a pressing need to catch up with what’s playing in Latvia or New Zealand, this is the place to go:

Colin Eatock, the Canadian writer, despairing of finding a trustworthy guide to classical blogs online, has compiled his own. It is astutely divided into categories: composers, independent views, music business, music magazines, newspaper critics, performers, presenters, scholars. So many, in fact, you’d have to take a week off work to read them all – and that’s just the English language converage. The list is here:

Thanks to both of these dedicated compilers. I should bookmark the two urls.




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