Youtube's most popular pianist – now in a village church near you

I’ve received word that Valentina Lisitsa, watched by millions on youtube, is about to give an unscheduled Liszt recital here

in a 12th century village church on the outskirts of London. St Mary’s, Perivale,

is a popular venue with young artists trying out new rep on a fine concert grand. Val will be there this Wednesday at 7.30. Tickets are £10 at the door. No on-line sales. Critics are distinctly unwelcomed.

I can’t even advise you how to get there, having only ever been driven in by car. It’s on the western edge of London. Go. Val’s worth it.

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  • Dear Mr. Lebrecht,

    We are keeping the best seat in a house for you and I would be thrilled if you could stop by. The place is not as easy to find as, say, Wigmore Hall – I agree. But I will be waiting for re-invite from Wigmore for a very long time, I guess… St. Mary’s concert series’ presenter contacted me two weeks ago ( August 23rd to be exact )and in an hour we set everything up – date , repertory… I wish all concerts came up so easily. I owe them a favor in any case – they let me “torture” their piano for good three days while I was getting ready for Rach recording with LSO last year. I am sure they incurred a hefty piano tuning bill afterwards 🙂
    I am happy to do at least something to return the favor. All funds go for the benefit of the venue, I am doing it for free ( I have to stress it in case some border agent reads it – no I don’t need work permit for free concert, lol ). They do such a fine job presenting so many concerts and giving an opportunity for hundreds of emerging musicians to be heard.
    Kindest regards – and huge “thank you!”,

    • Dear Val
      I so wish I could…. but I’m on my way home from Paris and cannot get the Eurostar to stop at Perivale. But I do look forward to hearing you again very, very soon.
      all best wishes

      • I am on Eurostar too – first morning train heading to Paris !
        Well, we missed each other by a few hours… I am sure I can get a quick re-engagement in St. Mary’s – it was “standing room only” yesterday (entirely thanks to you !)

  • I was there!!! There were fans from all points of the compass who had made the journey to West London – It was standing room only by start time. Val’s playing was stupendous. The colour and range that she coaxed from the piano were unbelievable – the gradual fading of crescendi persisting as gorgeous pianissimo movements entered the consciousness – sounds that I never could imagine coming from just one instrument. Fingers caressing the keys before exploding into a mesmerising flurry of movement and amazing sound. My heart was racing and I was only a spectator!
    By the end there was a buzz of excitement and joy as the audience crowded round to meet and greet a truly great pianist who deserves to grace all the great stages of the music world. Hurry back to London, Valentina – or anywhere else within striking distance – meanwhile YouTube here I come.

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