The List of Liszts (a members-only event)

The List of Liszts (a members-only event)


norman lebrecht

October 19, 2011

This Sunday, to mark the 200th birthday of the restless Abbé, the European Broadcasting Union will be putting on concerts and recitals from many of the cities he visited, from Dublin to Bucharest.

Like many multinational organisations, the EBU does not allow access to its website, thereby defeating the aim of multinational cooperation.

However, here’s one event I’ve heard about from Bucharest – and do feel free to add more:

(Pic: (c) Lebrecht Music & Arts)

 From Romania, where Franz Liszt toured in 1846/47, the member stations broadcast a concert by pianist Luiza Borac live from the Mihail Jora Radio Concert Hall, Bucharest.

The concert will be broadcast at the following times and by the following stations:

– Germany by MDR at 3pm CET (

– Spain by RTVE at 3pm CET  (

– Estonia by KLASSIKA RAADIO at 4pm EET (

– Latvia by LATVIJAS RADIO at 4pm EET (

– Denmark by DR at 3pm CET (

– Hungary by MR3 at 3pm CET (

– Iceland by RUV at 1pm WET (

– Rumania by RADIO ROMANIA at at 4pm CET (

The program includes Franz Liszt’s piano transcriptions on songs by Franz Schubert (S. 558) and the “Reminiscences de Don Juan” after Mozart (S. 418).