Mazal tov, Macca! He went to shul before the wedding

Mazal tov, Macca! He went to shul before the wedding


norman lebrecht

October 09, 2011

Sir Paul married Nancy Shevell yesterday at Marylebone Town Hall.

first pic from afp

According to the JTA, the couple attended Yom Kippur services at the Liberal Synagogue in St Johns Wood the night before they married.

Ms Shevell is Jewish. So was the first Lady Macca, Linda Eastman.

Sir Paul, a vegetarian, does not eat chicken soup.

The Telegraph notes that the wedding took place on what would have been John Lennon’s 71st birthday.


  • Yochanan says:

    Such bad news after Yom Kippur. We Jews should marry within our own People 🙁

    • Dafydd Llywelyn. Composer in Munich. says:

      Dear Norman, I am somewhat shocked by the bigoted obnoxious remark made by Yochanan on Paul Macartny’s obviously happy marriage ceremony to Nancy Shevell. After all they’ve been courting for quite a long time ! Quite the contrary of being bad news after Yom Kippur ! I consider this to be good news in this often “loveless ” world today that we are living in, when 2 nice people find each other & find love & Compassion. It appears that Yochanan doesn’t understand the real deep meaning of ” Atonement “.Perhaps he should go to ” Shul ” & speak with a Rabbi,& do his homework properly ? ! They both deserve their cup of happyness & good luck after their last marriages, & furthermore a marriage is a very personal & private matter between 2 people. It is also quite obvious that Sir Paul feels comfortable & well looked after with his lovely Jewish wife Nancy,as he did with his first happy long marriage to Linda, also Jewish. Who knows,he may have even converted to Judaism ? Mazel tov if he has ! & even if he hasn’t, the main thing is that they are happy together & live in Peace & harmony. Sir Paul is obviously pro-Jewish, & like many of us Jews & so called non-Jews alike, is of the opinion as a humanist that we, all of us whether Jews, Gentiles (Christians),Muslems etc stem from the ” Lap of Abraham “, & can & are able to live in harmony with each other providing that we accept each other , & respect each others very private & personal Religious Beliefs without question. Without Respect there cannot be Trust,& without Trust there cannot be Friendship & Love. It goes hand in hand together in our search for eternal happyness & inner truth. I am reminded of the words of wisdom from a very prominent survivor of the apocalyptic Holocaust ,Jean-Marie Lustiger who was saved & rescued with his brother from Auschwitz Concentration Camp by Roman Catholic Priests & Nuns when he was young. Lustiger converted to Christianity & became a Priest, then a Monsignore, then Bishop,& finally Archbishop of Paris Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger ! His brother i believe became a Rabbi ! ? He said “Although our Lord Jesus Christ was the founder & creator of the Christian Church, he & his mother Mary (the virgin Mary),his father Joseph, & his 12 Apostles including Peter, & Paul of Rome were born as Jews as I also was, & like Jesus & his family & friends they also died as Jews, & likewise myself although being the head of the Roman Catholic Church in France, i will also die as a Jew ! We are all Jews ” ( We were all hoping that he would become the next Pope Jews & non Jews alike for he helped a lot the Muslem minority in Paris ! ) He said that whilst speaking on German TV – In other words so far unspoken & un-recognised by the Vatican,that Christinity is more than a form of “Reformed Judaism.” There you have it in a nutshell right from the Horses Mouth so to speak ! Id est, Who is to say Who is Jewish & Who is not ? And what is Jewishness? One Rabbi friend suggested to me ” amongst other things is that one can interpretate it as a strong feeling of Feeling Jewish, & secondly of having a strong identification on a sub-conscious & conscious level of thought of being Jewish.These feelings of Identification never leave us ! “. I think he is right, see the examples of Jesus, Cardinal Lustiger,or in the case of Converted Christians in the world of Music,such as Mahler, Schönberg, Klemperer (buried in the Jewish Cemetry in Zurich ) who converted back to Judaism ! – It wouldn’t surprise me if Sir Paul has this feeling of identification on a human level ! -He has given so much hope ,love,happyness through his splendid songs to millions of people world wide also appreciated by some Classical Composer colleagues & myself. He certainly deserves more than a little feedback & happyness himself together with his lovely Jewish wife Nancy. Apparent Fundamentalistic Religious Fanatics as Yochanan presents himself to be, saying that ” We Jews should marry within our own People .” without giving reasons or his opinion why, are for me as warped & dangerous as the fundamentalistic Muslem extremeists today who are causing havoc,sorrow,hardship,bloodshed to innocent people in the world,as did this terrible Religious Christian Fundamentalistic War in Northern Ireland between the Protestant ” Man of Wrath” Ian Paisley a protestant Vicar with his “Sermons of Abuse ” against Fundamentalistic Roman Catholics. All supposedly ” In the name of God “. All forms of Religious Fundamentalism are the enemys of Goodness ,Truth, & God. Thanks for bringing up this Marriage in print, Mazel tov ! Sincerely. Dafydd Llywelyn.

  • Jay Borcherding says:

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

    As to Yochanan: “such bad news”? A marriage that you personally disapprove of is merely that–good manners suggest that maxims like MYOB should apply if you have nothing positive to say about the happy news of others.

    And not that it should matter, but Ms. Shevell is in her 50’s, Mr. McCartney is nearly 70, and therefore their marriage will produce no natural children and will have no direct impact on future generations of the Jewish people. On the contrary, perhaps Ms. Shevell’s influence will have a positive impact on McCartney’s children with Linda Eastman, and may encourage one or more of them to connect with the Jewish heritage of their late mother.